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Meri Meri

Collection & Catalogs
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Meri Meri Specials

Show Specials Background_edited.jpg

Meri Meri Image Use Guidelines

· The Meri Meri brand must be included in the product title and product description for each product when sold in an online store. 

· Lifestyle images must include the Meri Meri watermark and may only be used to promote Meri Meri products. These images are not meant to be used for your broader marketing campaigns. 


· Lifestyle images may not be altered in any way. Do not use photoshop, filters, etc. to distort the artwork.


· @Merimeriparty must be tagged and referenced in all social media posts where our imagery is used on one of your channels. The copy in each social post must refer specifically to the Meri Meri products that are

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